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Welcome to New Forest Wild and Exotic Mushrooms

Hello and welcome to New Forest Wild and Exotic Mushrooms.



We supply wholesale and retail customers with the freshest and best choice of wild and cultivated exotic mushrooms , truffles , mushroom products and dried mushrooms.

With a great price to match on all our products we are very competitive. All the mushrooms / truffles are vigorously checked to ensure they are of the highest quality.


Throughout the year we can offer a great range of many wild and cultivated mushrooms and also foraged wild foods.


I am one of the very few people who is able to offer fresh wild local truffles in the whole of the UK , these are gathered from private land , the same as the fresh wild mushrooms that are local and I have been picking from various private lands for many years.


Feel free to look around the website and if you have any mushroom questions please ask.


I also offer consultations for existing mushroom growers , new growers and people wanting to start out growing mushrooms for a living. I am able to supply growing blocks for hobbyists or professional growers at a competitive price. Also if you are on a chalk or limestone based soil and have quite a few trees around , mainly , oak , hazel , beech , you may be lucky enough to have truffles growing on you land and I am to offer a service to find out if this is the case.

Forays (New Forest)

Welcome to the wonderful world of hunting for mushrooms and truffles.

Dates for 2023 will available very soon.

Discounts will be given for group bookings . Please request the date you prefer when giving details on the contact us form. We will send you a sheet via email with all times , clothing requirements , and schedule for the day etc.


The mushroom hunting will concentrate on the edible mushrooms that can be found growing wild in the New Forest and forests around the UK ,we will also learn a little bit about cultivation. The truffle hunting will show the techniques , areas truffles can be found and how to find them. 

The forays will take place in a variety of locations.

Several reasons for the choices of locations :



The first and main reason is that many different types of mushrooms are available in a relatively small area(many different types of trees)



Secondly , there is a large car park for easy access to the mushroom / truffle trails at the sites chosen.

Thirdly,in the unlikely event of someone getting detached from the group its very easy to find your way back to the car park.


Finally , they are relatively good spots for continuous growth of edible mushrooms in the Autumn period , please contact us for more details.


Cost per person :

Mushroom Foray £65 NOW FULL

Truffle day out    £150 NOW FULL

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