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We carry a wide range and choice of  products.


From the very best truffles to freshly picked exotic mushrooms.

Some of our most popular products from , the basic to more exotic mushrooms

and foraged wild foods are shown below


A full inventory is available in the Product List section.


Truffle Products

Truffle oil : 50ml £4.00, 100ml £6.50 , 250ml £13.50

Truffled Brie    250g   £10.00

Truffle butter 150g £5

Fresh available , please ask. 

Wild Garlic (when available , seasonal)

Wild Garlic Pesto £5.00 per 350g jar.

Dried mushrooms

Prices on request

Various other products

Wild Mushroom risotto: dried wild mushrooms with arborio rice.

      250g (2 persons) £3.00   ,   500g (4 persons) £5.00 ,   1kg (8 persons) £8.00



Magnificent 6 tincture , made with Lions Mane , Reishi , Turkey Tail , Maitake , 

Cordyceps and Chaga.              30ml       £10.00

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